AgriVision 2017 blog posts



A couple of personal reflections on AgriVision 2017.

Professor Daniel Berckmans of the University of Leuven: "I've spoken here in the past and see this as a very important event for the industry.

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And the winner is ...

Swinesmarts! Hackathon winner that is.

Voted best after a 32-hour challenge to apply open innovation to pig production, the Swinesmarts solution is pretty impressive.

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Partnership is the key

Kofi Annan’s presentation this morning covered the entire range of food, hunger, climate change and technology issues, culminating in the sign-off point that the ‘greatest success will come if all stakeholders work closely in partnership’.



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You are the leaders so get on and lead

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Take it home with you

The central focus this morning is on agricultural development, starting with an analysis of the industry's sustainability goals and leading on to the keynote presentation by former United Nations' Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.

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All in perfect harmony

Buying into cross business collaboration is easy during a big global conference, especially when the sun is shining and the wine is flowing. It may not be so easy when you get back home, however.  

So said business innovator, David Pearl, during yesterday’s final session at AgriVision, edging his way through the last 30 minutes of a high-content programme with an audience which was already almost at maximum intake.

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AMR crisis rating looks bleak

Question: On a scale of one to 10 how bad is the crisis surrounding Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)?

Answer: Nine.

It's just an opinion, of course, but coming from Andrew Morgan, Chief Scientist at DuPont Nutrition & Health, it's an opinion that justifies our attention.

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How to avoid meat scandals

You only have scandals in business if you ask for it - pure and simple.

That's how we started the afternoon in the company of reputation management specialist, Anne Villemoes.

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You’re moving too slowly

When I get back to the office I have a meeting planned to check what we've achieved as a company in the last eight hours.

Also, if you decide to wait for six months before contacting me then you'd better be prepared to talk about a completely different product, because my business will have moved on by then.

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Hackathon moves into new territory

A show of hands to reveal how many of AgriVision's 400 delegates have previously been involved in a hackathon produced just two positive responses this morning.

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Talk to the animals

"The rising pace of change affecting agtech and big data is moving us ever closer to being able to talk to the animals."

It's a nice soundbite certainly; as used by Knut Nesse (more or less) during his opening conference address this morning...

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The sun always shines

When you invite 400 people from 45 countries to a coastal location in the Netherlands in mid-June you definitely hope the weather system complies. Well it did for the 'meet and greet' session of AgriVision 2017.

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Pre-event tasters

I've been casting an eye over some of the draft presentations lined up for delivery later this week and thought a few taster comments might get you in the mood for what lies ahead.

First up is a word from Adam Anders, managing partner of Anterra Capital, who will tell delegates on Wednesday morning that investing in agtech carries some 'unique challenges' which simply don't exist in other sectors.


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Hack your way to a new future

If you’re into pigs and hackathons then next week’s 32-hour AgriVision data and technology blast is tailor-made for you.

On the other hand, if neither subject immediately grabs your attention, why not treat the AgriVision hackathon as a chance to view the process without having to commit any emotion to the result?

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Countdown to AgriVision 2017

Agtech, AMR and Kofi Annan are all on the agenda for next week and the prospect is enticing. AgriVision 2017 is an opportunity to be part of a crucial debate, potentially helping to make a difference to how we behave globally and how people are treated in some of the tougher corners of the developing world.



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