All in perfect harmony

Buying into cross business collaboration is easy during a big global conference, especially when the sun is shining and the wine is flowing. It may not be so easy when you get back home, however.

So said business innovator, David Pearl, during yesterday’s final session at AgriVision, edging his way through the last 30 minutes of a high-content programme with an audience which was already almost at maximum intake.

Time for a swift change of direction therefore.

“Okay, for the next 20 minutes I’m going to teach you how to sing in harmony,” announced Pearl, as he drew 400 hesitant delegates to their feet.

 We should have known someone who sang with Placido Domingo when he was nine would be trouble. That’s trouble with a capital T (musical joke BTW).

Actually the exercise was brilliant, giving everyone a free and easy end to the programme and setting the gathering up for the evening. It also reinforced his collaboration message of course.

“I can’t remember the words of the song this morning but his point was very well made,” said Canadian delegate, Ross Gill of Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “Being able to get a group to do something they are uncomfortable with and, at the end of it all, create a harmony in three parts was impressive.

“As for next week, if I can get everyone singing and marching together in our company, and be committed to innovative collaboration with other business, such as Nutreco, then I’ll definitely be hitting one of my key business goals.”