And the winner is...

Swinesmarts! Hackathon winner that is.

Voted best after a 32-hour challenge to apply open innovation to pig production, the Swinesmarts solution is pretty impressive.

Basically, it creates an open data platform which a farmer can use to give direct data access to a chosen recipient, while still remaining in full control of the data itself.

There is already a lot of data being collected on farms, either by the farmer or through various sensors, and the Swinesmarts answer features an app which collects all available data and throws it to the cloud. Then, when a feed company or genetics business asks to look at a specific piece of data, all the farmer has to do is to decide whether or not to give the company direct access to his password protected data store.

Provided the access answer is yes, the company concerned can go ahead and look for itself, taking over all the info transfer requirements from the farmer. It's a lot less time-consuming than having to find the data in the first place and then move it on via a one-off process every time such a request comes in.