Hackathon moves into new territory

A show of hands to reveal how many of AgriVision's 400 delegates have previously been involved in a hackathon produced just two positive responses this morning.

I found that a somewhat surprising result from such a high tech audience. Whether or not hackathon leader, Anne Bruinsma, CEO of Farmhack, expected to discover more previous experience is a question I plan to ask her later. For the moment, though, I think it shifts the 32-hour data and technology exercise into new territory.

Not only will delegates be judging the hackathon outcomes according to their potential commercial value, the fact that 398 have never been here before means their new experience might shape their longer-term views of such projects in the future.

No pressure therefore on those already locked away in the hackathon room!

Seriously, we're reasonable people. Just remember – we're watching your every move.


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