A couple of personal reflections on AgriVision 2017:

Professor Daniel Berckmans of the University of Leuven: “I’ve spoken here in the past and see this as a very important event for the industry.  The crucial value for delegates is that they are able to step away from their daily rolling activities, giving themselves a little distance from which to think about the issues which we face. That’s very important for us all.”

Andrew Morgan, Chief Scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Health: “AgriVision brings together many in the industry who have an important role to play in shaping things for the future. The programme over these two days highlighted the key issues we need to tackle, such as AMR, sustainability and how to work more collaboratively. The opportunity to consider new technology and the start-ups which are moving into this field will also help the industry to find solutions to today’s problems.”

And what next, when we return home?

“It’s always a challenge once we get back, as has been highlighted by others,” he said. “Coping with the inbox and dealing with all the other pressures. I think what is needed, therefore, is for actions to be drawn up. When there are actions to be followed up on, then things can start to happen.”

Finally, back to Prof. Berckmans for the last word: “I really like AgriVision and Nutreco does it in a fantastic way.