Hans Schoolderman

Partner at PwC, with a dual focus on sustainability and food integrity

Hans Schoolderman

Hans Schoolderman is partner at PwC, with a dual focus on sustainability and food integrity. He leads the Sustainability team - a group of 35 professionals - based in Amsterdam.

As sustainability moves up the boardroom agenda, it is increasingly being integrated into corporate level strategic planning. We support our clients to balance increased regulation, protecting the brand and ensuring stable supply chains with seeking opportunity for enhanced performance and using the sustainability agenda for strategic advantage. We help our clients to align measurable sustainability objectives with the companies' corporate strategy based on financial, operational and regulatory performance measures.

Building trust in food is among the most complex problems business and society must solve, but also one of the greatest opportunities for food companies that get it right. As PwC’s European Food Trust Leader, Hans works with a wide range of entities from governments to leading (agri)food companies on a range of food integrity, safety and quality concerns to give their stakeholders greater confidence in their food supply.

Our services give a breadth of expertise not usually combined in a service offering to address the urgent need for a fully integrated food trust assurance and consulting business. Our global food trust team operate in all major markets around the world. We build the resilience, agility and reputations of food organisations by preventing crises and improving performance and trust across supply chains. Food fraud, supplier risk management, resource scarcity, regulatory change, the changing food demand and technological advances are some of the issues we’re helping organisations to solve.

Hans has a passion for triathlon, ice skating, sailing and outdoor trekking.


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