Rio Praaning

Founder and managing partner of PA Europe, PA Asia, PA Russia, PA Middle East and PA CSR

Rio Praaning

Rio D. Praaning Prawira Adiningrat (1952) is founder and Managing Partner of PA Europe, PA Asia, PA Russia, PA Middle East and PA CSR with offices in Beijing, Brussels, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Representatives in Moscow, Muscat, The Hague and Washington DC. In 2004 he established the Public Advice International Foundation (PA International) through which former political leaders, scientists and top business executives from all continents provide advice on international socioeconomic and cultural issues, on a free or non-profit basis. While the consulting firms essentially work Top-Down, the Foundation works Bottom-Up.

Prof Mark Eyskens, former Prime Minister of Belgium, is Chairman of PA International. PA centers all activities around three global securities: water, food and jobs. This is applied in a holistically integrated multi-stakeholder based way to virtually any industrial sector or area of contention. Through its own academic chairs PA’s approach is science and research based. In the past 24 years PA successfully advised and supported over 400 clients including Governments, multinational enterprises, SMEs, NGOs and international organisations.

Together with institutions like World Food Programme, UNICEF and FAO, the Foundation organizes major or smaller international conferences and projects on poverty alleviation, water and food security, food safety and waste management. In 2007 Rio established PA CSR which provides senior company management with advice on Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and projects.

Among PA’s signatory projects are the lifting of the Russian submarine ‘Kursk’; the winning of the OPCW (UN/chemical weapons) headquarters for The Hague; the first merger between national (airline) carriers; the first and successful introduction of rDNA (rennet) in food (cheese); the first approval and successful breeding with a transgenic animal (Bull ‘Herman’); the prevention of a ban on fish export to the EU; the development and implementation of a new trade mechanism between the EU and emerging economies; the funding and development of major infra projects; the development of a new Labour Law; the accession of a new Member State to the EU; and many regulatory adaptations allowing the use of innovative technologies and products mainly through a market pull.

Rio established and operates a.o. the Tasik Children’s Foundation and the Kofi Annan Business School Foundation. He published several books and articles on International Relations, Investment and Development and Food Safety and Security. He is an Honorary Member of Rotary International (Indonesia), the Atlantic Commission (Netherlands), Jason Foundation (Netherlands), Dutch United Nations Students’ Association and a Member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (UK) and the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis (USA). He is a Chevalier de Tastevin (France).


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